Several years ago it was possible to recycle mulch films. Most of the mulch films were sent overseas and these markets are not currently available.

Many growers have requested waste to energy solutions for mulch films. These are not available. Waste to energy solutions often cost more than taking material to the landfills.

The good news is that the NC Agricultural Plastics Recycling team is working hard to find solutions for the mulch films. Some NC recyclers who also process plastics are interested in the large volumes of mulch films genereated in North Carolina. The recyclers believe we have to develop ways to collect the dirty mulch films with less dirt and vegetation attached. WRP and DEACS are also working with North Carolina plastic processors recyclers to help them develop and invest in better wash systems for handling the dirtier plastics. We are optimistic that we may find a solution and will update this site if solutions become available. Please be patient, we are working hard!



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Ag Mulch Retrieval

With support of the Tobacco Trust Fund, the NC Ag Plastic Recycling team conducted trials of novel mulch film retrieval equipment to lift and roll film more efficiently with less labor and more cleanly so it can be recycled. Initial labor saving is estimated at $100/acre.

Ag Mulch Film Retrieval from Dave Lowles