WRP Annual Highlights - 2016

Waste Reduction Partners is proud to share a summary of projects completed during the 2015-2016 fiscal year.  Read about the latest programs, partners and outcomes by this unique team of staff and retired engineers and scientists. 


WRP Project Highlights 2014-15

  • The WRP statewide team assisted 174 clients, across 54 North Carolina counties, with on-site assistance and consulting reports. The utility cost savings for these clients surpassed $1.3 million in fiscal year 2014-15.
  • Solid Waste Reduction: The WRP solid waste statewide team program helped clients divert 9,515 tons from landfilling for the fiscal year. This diversion represents an estimated client cost savings of $603,800. For the year, the WRP program served 70 clients with waste reduction assistance plus worked with another 25 recycling businesses to help build and strengthen the recycling economy across North Carolina.
  • Energy Efficiency: WRP engineers concluded a three-year contract with the State Energy Program assisting 163 businesses and organizations with energy audits and technical consultations which provided $3.5 million of annual energy conservation measures and 178,321 MMbtu in energy savings with a 68 percent implementation rate.
  • USDA Energy Audit for Small Business and Farms – Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). WRP completed a three-year effort which provided energy audits for 53 rural businesses and farms with $776,776 of annual utility cost savings identified. The average saving identified for these small business was $14,600 annually and several clients received project grant funding through USDA to support the capital investment of the projects assessed.
  • The WRP energy team also helped public sector local government and school clients on Utility Savings Initiative (USI) performance contracting projects, special projects, measurement and verification (M&V), fact sheet developments, business development, and lighting webinars.
  • Ag Plastics Recycling Project. This has been a very active project with many partners including the DEACS, Department of Agriculture, the Tobacco Trust Fund Commision. WRP associates, Bev Fermor, Jan Foster, Jack Noor, Dick Sloan and a dedicated WRP team helped establish a first state collection site at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market, launched a new website, videos, business market development, and much more. Since the start of the Tobacco Trust Fund supported project in October 2014, WRP is reporting helping growers recycle 1,000 tons of plastics with a value impact of $53,200. This is just the beginning in growing recycling networks, collection efforts, and recycling technology to tackle the most challenging ag plastics recycling challenges.
  • Water Efficiency: The Water Team with Tom Kimmell’s leadership has worked with numerous clients last year including a strong effort with Buncombe County Schools led by Elaine Marten. The Water Team helped clients identify and conserve 2.8 million gallons this past fiscal.
  • Lean & Green Reviews: Conrad Meyer led a Lean and Green review with Watauga Opportunities in Boone with Marshall Goers and Terry Albrecht. The team helped improve the part flow, workstation efficiency, and environmental performance of a clean room assembly of laboratory instruments.

Active WRP Team Members in FY14-15

  • Energy Team: Russ Jordan, Conrad Meyer, George Tregay, Soud Al-Mishwit, Dan Amey, Paul Bartlett, Bill Birdsong, Bob Gilbreath, Joe Riddle, Tom Black, Eric Soderberg, Adrian Boutwell, Ernie Swanson, Andrew Courts, Dale Denny, Martin Ferris, Mary Fling, Marshall Goers, Barry Hanak, John Manuel, Kent Wiggins
  • Solid Waste and Ag Plastics Recycling: Jan Foster, Beverley Fermor, Dick Sloane, Jack Noor, Ross Akin, Dan Amey, Bill Birdsong, Arami Bolick, Richard Burke, John Chmelik, Thomas Edgerton, Bill Farrell, Katie Cavert Ferrell, Martin Ferris, Betsy Godsey Mary Fling, Gary Hunt, Niall McCormack, George McRae, Conrad Meyer, Ernie Swanson, Judy Thomson, Bruce Thoreson, Robert Webster, Kent Wiggins
  • Water Efficiency: Tom Kimmell, Elaine Marten, Richard Krulikas, Don Levitt, Paul Bartlett, Dale Denny, Barry Hanak, Conrad Meyer
  • Business Strategies: Dan Kincaid, Dave Lowles, Martin Ferris, Bill Farrell
  • Lean and Green: Conrad Meyer, Dale Denny, Marshall Goers, Ernie Swanson
  • Fleets: Chris Dobbins
  • Pollution Prevention: Elaine Marten, Dale Denny, Marshall Goers, Al Glatz, Kent Wiggins
  • WRP Office Manager: Dee Hanak


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