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Plastic Waste

Great. You are concerned that you use too much plastic in an industry that would like a greener image that could help market your produce. Many growers try to reuse their plastic waste, but this is not always possible. The next option is to find a recycler who can shred it and sell it to a processor to make new plastic items such as nursery containers, drip tape, decking, trash bags and more. If you do recycle, not only will you help your own business by not having to pay tipping fees, clean up your yard to make it more efficient and have a greener business, but you will also help create jobs in North Carolina.

Key points for recycling your plastic:

1. Find a recycler on the list but talk to them first for advice. They want your business.

2. Decrease your haulage costs by using a local recycler.

3. Maximixe the weight on the truck - the recycler can advise you on this.

4. Nurture your relationship with the recycler.


Benefits of Recycling

  • Reduced disposal fees and in some cases potential additional income.
  • Diverting material from the landfill onto more productive purposes – recycling creates far more jobs in the economy than disposal.
  • Customer appreciation for marketing a green product.

Help from WRP

There are not always immediate solutions for everyone so do not hesitate to contact Waste Reduction Partners (WRP) for further assistance. The Tobacco Trust Fund Commission has invested in WRP to help them make recycling agricultural plastics a success and get more funds back to the growers.