No-Cost Food Waste Reduction Assessments

 In the U.S., it is estimated that 24% of food that is grown ends up in a landfill or incinerator.*  Much of this waste happens in our homes, but businesses along the food supply chain have a significant role to play in making our food systems more efficient.  Businesses that address food waste reduction strategies will save on disposal costs, improve job satisfaction among employees and enhance public relations.  

WRP can help.  Our Solid Waste Team can conduct assessments for dining halls, restaurants, food distributors, food manufacturers, grocery stores, and more!  We can work with large and small businesses, schools, and government entities.   WRP’s no-cost on-site assessments will examine opportunities to:  


  • Minimize food waste,  
  • Connect to donation outlets,  
  • Link up with composting businesses, and    
  • Share best practices and peer success stories.   

Initiate a project with us today to start reducing waste and saving money.


*source - ReFed



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